Look what I just learned!

27 10 2011

Angela Quarles’ post on ripping out ‘to be’ verbs just ate my lunch. I choose ‘to be’ verbs all the time in my writing, to the point that my almost 100,000 word tome will probably lose 10,000 of them when I finally get to the editing stage. Thank you Angela! Eventually I’ll get to #amediting, which will be fun with your advice!

Then there’s edittorrent’s series of posts on ‘Dressing and Dining’, which I will be chewing on for a while. I’ve been wondering what to do about my my characters’ daily routines, and  it seems that if it doesn’t move the plot forward, cut it. These three posts shed light on something that I didn’t realize I needed to know.

Then there’s Chuck Wendig‘s blog, which I would follow if I could just figure out how to follow blogs. I love his sense of humor (note: it’s not for the faint of heart – if the ‘f-word’ offends you, don’t read his stuff!), and his’25 suggestions for torturing your characters’ post was both enlightening and entertaining. I laughed. I snorted. I scared the dog.

Edited to add: Jocelyn K. Glei’s compilation of 25 tips from famous writers. Seriously, I need to print this one out and paste it all over my walls.



4 responses

27 10 2011
Karen McFarland

Excellent Mash-up Julia! I better get over to twitter and give everyone a heads up! Yeah!

27 10 2011
Julia Indigo

Thx Karen!!

27 10 2011
angela quarles

Hi Julia, glad the post helped! But remember, only do it if it feels right to you. If it’s not your voice or how your character would sound, ignore it 😉

27 10 2011
Julia Indigo

Thx, Angela. This is all a bit overwhelming for me, as I’ve never had a creative writing class in my life. In some ways I see myself as more of a storyteller than a writer… but I’m determined to write as well as I tell the story. Thanks for your post – it opened my eyes to what I have to learn. And learning is good!

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