And now for something completely different

1 11 2011

Last night (Oct 31, 2011) I had no notion that I would sign on to NaNoWriMo,but when I saw that you could get Scrivener for 50% off if you were a ‘winner’ (i.e., if you wrote a 50,000 word novel by the end of November), I was so in. I’ve been lusting after that program for some time now, and the opportunity seemed too good to pass up.

So I went for it.

Slight problem. What am I going to write about?

Well, here is my process thus far.

I had a book idea that I was batting about: Germany, A.D 600-700 or so. Two tribes, the chief’s daughter is given in marriage to the other tribe’s chief’s son. At the wedding, she and the groom’s brother fall in love. Pain and suffering ensue. Yeah, it’s an old story, right?

Now, if I’d decided to write this particular story a month ago, I would’ve had a chance to do some research into what actually happened in the area known today as Germany, 1400 years ago. But I had three hours. Hmmm. This isn’t going to work.

Then I thought about Avatar. Smile! So last night I started naming the characters that I knew I’d need, came up with a log-line (thanks to Kristen Lamb who posted on just this today!), and this morning I started writing. Even with work, and some ‘interesting’ issues coming up today, I managed just at 2700 words, 1000 words more than I needed to write to stay on track to get to 50,000 by 11/30/11.

The beings in this story started out in an amorphous manner, but in the second sentence they ended up having tails. Then later on they had six legs – two legs and four arms. And wings. With feathers. And they change color, depending on their emotional/energetic state.

Now they are dragon-like creatures. Having ritualized sex. WHAT???


Yep. Ritualized dragon sex. Kind of like the Alchemical Marriage. Not that I am any kind of expert on that. All I know is that it happens every morning in this world I’m creating, and it heals the spirits of those in that particular community.


All that, without plotting. This is gonna be fun, I can just tell!




One response

3 11 2011
coleen patrick

I’m doing NaNo too. That’s cool about Scrivener–i’ve also heard it’s awesome! Good luck with your story, I’m having fun just being free to write without editing (for now anyway)!!

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