A Late Friday Link Dump

4 11 2011

There is probably a better title for this post, but hey, I’m in NaNoWriMo hell right now, so I’m just going to put it out there for grins.

First up is Tess Hardwick’s wonderful post on racism, or rather, her daughter’s color blindness. We all should be so blind!

Then there’s Anthony V. Toscano’s blog. That is, the whole thing. Every post has the ring of truth. The man is a great storyteller.

I loved Ashley Marsh’s post on collaborating with your characters. That’s how I began my first book – Steven told me what to write about. Her ideas give a method to my pantser nature.

She writes: If you’ll notice, this hook/idea features two very important components, both of which are equal in significance: the characters and the plot.

Which is exactly what I’ve done with my NaNoWriMo novel. Well, at under 10,000 words currently, it’s a novella. An unfinished one!

I like this Shirley Jump article on “Show not Tell”. I thought I had a handle on the concept, but her article showed me that there was more to it than I’d realized, for instance, avoiding “-ing’ constructions.

I felt quite put off by Mooderino’s article on outlining – and not because it’s a bad article. Rather, because I realized how little I know, and how much I need to learn, about writing.



4 responses

5 11 2011
Anthony V. Toscano

Late, late, late at night as I read this one, Julia. Your kind comment comes as a gift. Thank you. And 10,000 words already? Congratulations. I once tried Nano and failed (I’m an edit-as-I-go writer). Buona fortuna as you continue with your WIP.

7 11 2011
Julia Indigo

Anthony, I’m glad to have made your blog acquaintance. I like to edit as I go, too, but am forced by the nano gods to do otherwise.

6 11 2011
Karen McFarland

Nice mix of blogs Julia. I especially liked Ashley Marsh’s post. Thank you!

7 11 2011
Julia Indigo

Thank you, Karen.
Yes, Ashley’s post plugged a hole in my understanding of writing.

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