Row80: The Initial Plunge

31 12 2011

These are my goals for my Row80, the first round of the New Year, and my first round ever! (For more on Row80, follow the link.)

1 – I will use the Dvorak keyboard layout exclusively by February. This will cut my writing in half, at least at first. I am making this change in order to extend my years of typing life. I do not anticipate that this change will take too long, as I am using it to write this post. And yes, it is a painfully slow process, as I started working with it yesterday. I got the idea from Holly Lisle’s blog (which I love, incidentally).*

2 – I will finish the first draft of my current WIP, likely getting it to 80-90k words, though it could run to 100-120k, as it’s a fantasy (though I have no idea how I’ll do that, given how painfully slow I’m typing this post. What in the world have I gotten myself into??!!) That equals 500-750 words/day, not counting worldbuilding.

3 – I will blog at least 1x/week, plus two Row80 check-ins, and post one book review/month.

4 – I will be on twitter 6 days/week, 2x/day, to continue building my network, and FB as I remember to do it. 😀

5 – I will allow myself to work on my other book if the spirit moves me.

* Conversion is easy on a Mac – go to system preferences/language and text/input sources and choose “Dvorak”. It will show up next to the battery monitor at the top of the screen. Then you can go here for a tutorial.



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