My Transformational 2012 goals

3 01 2012

I woke up this morning feeling like heck, sluggish, lightheaded, and depressed. I had been feeling sick since I’d returned from Oz last Thursday, and was thinking that it had finally caught up with me. I’d recently had a death of a dream which had sustained me through some rough times. I didn’t know which way to turn, or what to do. I was jolly company!

Then I had a revelation in the shower (isn’t that the usual place for revelations for you, too?) and suddenly I knew the changes needed to redirect my life.

I now have goals for 2012 – goals which are doable (I think), but which will stretch me. I will start my studies toward ABORM certification (yes, I’m an acupuncturist), which I hope to complete with full certification by the end of 2013. At the same time, my goal is to have the book professionally edited, and either shopped to agents, or self-pubbed by the end of the year. Or do a complete rewrite. Or start over. Or do some freelance writing. You get the picture. If not the former, then something similar.

I will continue to work on my author platform, including a .com website, and take a couple of writing workshops… as well as completely revamp my acupuncture practice and website.

The upshot is that I will be doing my best to completely transform my life by mid-year 2013… and I’m excited about that. I want to be completely out of the symphony biz by 2014, and into something more authentic for me.

Bonus with using the Dvorak keyboard… much shorter posts!

Please put links to blog postings concerning your 2012 goals – I’d like to read them!



2 responses

4 01 2012
Karen McFarland

Awesome goals Julia! Acupuncturist? Love that! Best wishes on your foward momentum! 🙂

5 01 2012
Julia Indigo

Yeah, I went back to school. That was an adventure!

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