Goal Revisions, worldbuilding links, my row80 update

7 01 2012

I spent way more time on twitter than I meant to yesterday, but I’d like to think that it was time well spent… though it may well result in my revamping my row80 goals.

I had realized that I have major plot/structure/worldbuilding work to do before my writing time will be productive, but then this afternoon I came up with several new scenes while walking the dog, and wrote another 1800+ words tonight. So much for needing major work before the muse settles in for the weekend! Thanks to my friends at #wordmongering, I wasn’t writing alone. (Well, them and the dog…)

This post by Donna Newton is the impetus for restructuring the book, FWIW.

Dvorak is coming along nicely – every day it’s getting easier! I reverted back to qwerty while writing today, but I’m back to dvorak tonight, and as slow as molasses. O, F, and I remain my nemeses.

I found the following worldbuilding links useful in showing me what is missing in my book’s world. This one is one place that I found Patricia Wrede’s worldbuilding questions. I copied and pasted them into a new file, printing them up and deciding which ones I needed to consider for this book. My inner geek is smiling!

The second link is to a 30-Day Worldbuilding Challenge, and it lists a topic per day to be considered. If you read a few of the posts, it was originally suggested for October, as a NaNoWriMo warmup. I’d love to do it that way, if I didn’t have a job!

I’m adding two more goals to my list: walking 20 minutes every day that it isn’t pouring down rain, and getting to sleep before midnight. I’ve been doing the former, and I feel better already. As for the latter… I’m starting tonight!



7 responses

8 01 2012
Camille LaGuire

I use minutes rather than words to measure my progress right now — for the exact problem you’re having. If you need to devote time to prep work, then you need to _count_ it so you’ll feel accomplished. I just try to put fences around what “counts” as on-the-clock working time. (I use a stopwatch, so I can pause and do something else if I want to.)

But yeah, there is something about this first two weeks of this dare that seems to be going slow. I’m just warming up myself.

9 01 2012
Julia Indigo

Hi Camille,
Minutes rather than words, what a good idea! I can use the stopwatch on my iPhone for that… I’m sure other smartphones have that capability as well.
My job starts today (gotta be there in 2 hours, eeep!) so the rest of this week will be difficult from a row80 standpoint. Issues from the book will not be far from my mind… in fact, I’m probably going to be blogging about that tomorrow. Or this morning, if I can get ready to leave quickly enough.

Thanks for your timing suggestion. I will keep that in mind!

8 01 2012
Nicole Basaraba

I want to guess that you are near the beginning of your book? I know that I had tons of scenes and ideas flowing in the beginning and there was no stopping the muse even if I needed to do some plotting. Eventually my ideas got down and then I was able to stop, organize them and create a viable plot. 🙂

9 01 2012
Julia Indigo

Actually, no, I’m about 60k into it, but it’s a fantasy, so there are lots of loose ends. It was a Nanowrimo book, and I didn’t do much planning before I jumped in.
I didn’t write much in Dec, and it seems that things were marinating in there. 🙂 I did have a logline to start with, and it’s still viable. But it’s the stuff that makes the world I’m building believable that is percolating up right now. Big fun!!

9 01 2012
Ali Dent

Julia, I totally understand spending too much time on Twitter. It’s so easy to get lost there. I’m using a timer but sometimes I just ignore it. Thank you for leaving me feedback on my goals. It means a lot.

Yes, I’d love to get together. It’s incredible that you live here. Wow!

22 01 2012
Julia Indigo

ACK! Ali, your comment got hung up in my spam filter!
We’ll definitely have to get together soon… last week was insane for me, this week will be better!

10 01 2012

Thanks for the worldbuilding links! My current work in progress is a mainstream/contemporary, but my next project is a fantasy that I’ve done a lot of work on already, but looking at those links I can see there are definitely some areas I’ve overlooked. Worldbuilding can be addictive 🙂 I second Camille’s suggestion about having a time goal rather than output. The background work is so important, but it doesn’t always translate to words on the screen. Good luck — I look forward to hearing how it’s going.

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