1/11/12 #Row80 update

11 01 2012

I have been up to my eyeballs the past several days, so this will be brief.

1 – I will use the Dvorak keyboard layout exclusively by February.

Yes and no. I’ve been back and forth between Dvorak and QWERTY, doing most of my writing in the latter. But I am getting faster with Dvorak… but I’m not going to make my deadline at this rate, and I’m not sure if that’s important or not.

2 – I will finish the first draft of my current WIP, likely getting it to 80-90k words…That equals 500-750 words/day, not counting worldbuilding.

Ahem. Real Life has intervened, and I’m seriously off track. Between “cedar fever” and my work schedule I have had absolutely no energy for any writing. But I have spent a lot of time worldbuilding, which counts!

3 – I will blog at least 1x/week, plus two Row80 check-ins, and post one book review/month.

I’m on track with this, thank heavens! Oh dear… I forgot about the book review! 😮

4 – I will be on twitter 6 days/week, 2x/day, to continue building my network, and FB as I remember to do it.

I’ve managed this, as well.

5 – I will allow myself to work on my other book if the spirit moves me.

The spirit has not moved me!

So, there you have it. Nothing fancy this time. See you Saturday!




2 responses

11 01 2012
Karen McFarland

Julia, I think you’re doing fantastic! Keep it up. I think it’s hard to see your accomplishments in only a few days. That is why I have opted to post my ROW80 goals once a week on Sunday. I think that will help me not lose my mind. LOL

Will be checking in on you Sunday! Keep it up! 🙂

16 01 2012
Julia Indigo

Thanks, Karen! And now I have a houseguest through Sunday! I’ll probably delay my updating to Sunday, at least for this week.
Thanks for your awesome support to this newbie writer. You cannot imagine what it means to me!

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