Belated row80 update

16 01 2012

Yesterday was a wash, so here’s my belated row80 update!

Writing: I managed about 1600 words or so yesterday, which is all I wrote since the last update. At this rate, I’ll complete my 40k to finish the novel in October… which is several months after my ‘end of this row80 round’ goal. There are several reasons for this. I’m still using the Dvorak keyboard, and it’s a trial, though it’s getting faster. Right now I’m writing using QWERTY, and flying through the writing. :\

The second reason for my slow writing is that I’ve been distracted, and the book is mucked up in ‘omg I need to sit down and do some #amplotting’ mode. So though I want to write, I’m disheartened with the novel right now. When I sit down to plot, I’m lost. I have subplots that have sunk below sea level, and every one of my chapters needs fleshing out. The first 50k were written in 2011’s NaNoWriMo, and read like it. However, I do like the story, and I think that it has merit. There are twists and turns that will keep pages turning.

I did manage a blogpost last week that I liked, and am having fun on twitter. I have an open tab on the iMac to Kristen Lamb’s ‘Twitter Tuesday‘ category, and am putting into practice many of her suggestions.

I have been successful with my walking goals, and have put in 20+ minutes most every day.

I am going to set aside the rest of today for some #amplotting. Time to get out the notecards and Just Do It. I have another day off tomorrow, and I will get to 3k words by 11:59 pm CST 1/17/12!

Have a great day, and keep on #amwriting!



4 responses

16 01 2012

Keep up the awesome work, Julia! I hate that feeling when you get so disheartened with your story and you just want to give up. When that happens, I just write anyway. I mean, I write absolute CRAP. I always find that once you get through the hard parts and actually finish the novel (or whatever project), going back and fixing those sections is so much easier. Just keep pushing through. The rest of us ROWers are here for you!!

16 01 2012
Julia Indigo

Thanks, Midnight!
I just read the following, here:
“One of the best books on writing I’ve ever read is Brenda Ueland’s If You Want to Write, because she encourages hedonistic abandon in first drafts.”

That’s what I’ve lost, as I attempted to change to Dvorak, and also because I’ve been reading books on plotting. And now I have a houseguest through Sunday! LOL Most everything will be swept to the back burner once again. But I’ll be back!

16 01 2012

As much as we all want it to, life doesn’t stop just because we want to write. We all need breaks now and then. The most important thing is to get back into it once life slows down again. I have faith in you. 🙂

16 01 2012
Julia Indigo

I should consider this a clue by four!
Thanks. If I’m honest, I have faith in myself, too. I just like a good whinge from time to time. 😉

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