I cannot remain silent

19 03 2012

By Julia Indigo/@juliaindigo

I know that the recommendation is to avoid politics and religion on a writer’s FB page or blog, but I simply cannot be silent while overweight, pasty, fundamentalist white men demonize my sisters. I’m sorry for any of my friends or readers who find reading my political postings showing up on their RSS news feed distasteful. I cannot sit idly by while my sisters are oppressed by our patriarchal system.

Women who are younger than I cannot imagine the strides that women have made in the past 100 years here in the US. Whatever your political persuasion, you can now own property, have money in your own name, VOTE, live as a single, defend yourself when your husband turns violent, get a divorce, any number of things that our Great-Grandmothers COULD NOT DO. When I say that you couldn’t hold any property, that included parcel, livestock or homestead. You couldn’t defend yourself in court, couldn’t open a line of credit at the sundry store, couldn’t travel without either a chaperone, or a letter of permit from your guaridian, even if you were a woman in your twenties.

All that can be taken away in an instant – with the signature of a Governor’s pen – and let it be known that there are other countries (mostly in Northern Europe) where women’s lives are significantly better than ours are today, in 2012.

We can no longer wait for others to take up the banner in our defense. In memory of our Grandmothers and Great-Grandmothers, do not let their sacrifices be in vain. Don’t delude yourselves – these men will not stop. Don’t think going back to the 50s, they won’t stop at that. Think 1890. And when you think, remember. Do you have, or intend to have children? Will you have a daughter? What kind of country do you want to leave for her?

Yes, I am mad as hell. You can read one woman’s experience of the new degrading Texas law requiring pre-abortion ultrasounds here. If you are a Texan, know that there will be a march on the state capitol on April 28, 2012. I’d love to meet you there. More info here.

 Feel free to share, re-write, with or without attribution. Diana Castilleja contributed to this post.



11 responses

19 03 2012
Pamela Gross

If we don’t speak out…if we don’t start standing together…the rat bastards will get their way. Loved the post.

19 03 2012
Julia Indigo

No kidding, beepster! THX so much for commenting! 😀

19 03 2012
Rebecca Stanfel

Amen! Thanks for your courage in posting.

19 03 2012
Julia Indigo

Thank you for commenting, Rebecca.

19 03 2012
Chris S.

Julia, you knocked me over. Your words are eloquent and your anger is awe-inspiring. I wish every woman in the U.S. would get as angry as you are. It won’t happen, but I still wish it. As a man, the war on women doesn’t quite threaten me directly, but close enough to count in horseshoes and hand grenades. It threatens all the women in my life — my daughter, my other family, my friends. It threatens all the women I don’t myself know, but attacking the rights and dignity of anyone, for any reason, affects me. It affects everyone else too, whether they know it or not. *All* women deserve respect, dignity, and every right that men have plus the ones that that are uniquely women’s rights: access to affordable care for women’s health issues, no matter what their financial situation; and unrestricted control over when or if they reproduce and no practical or social retribution for their choices.

I have my share of privilege guilt for not standing up enough for those less financially and physically fortunate, for those denied justice and opportunity. But this time I didn’t turn away, and I’m as angry as a man, who’s affected second-hand, can be.

Whatever your friends think about your statement — and are you talking about FB friends or real-life friends and family? — you made a hell of a trumpet blast. By all means, preach it.

20 03 2012
Julia Indigo

Thanks so much, Chris. I appreciate your taking the time to follow my link from Facebook to comment here.
Actually, I have Facebook friends and blog followers of all political and religious persuasions, and I respect their beliefs. My family are all hard-core right-wingers, and that is their belief.
When I read that a WOMAN in the Arizona Senate wrote a bill requiring women to TELL THEIR EMPLOYERS that they are on oral contraceptives, and THE REASON why, I moved from feminist to Feminist. The gall, to insinuate that I or any other woman should be required to tell their employer their medical history!
Given that there are good (read: misguided) people who actually think that the above is a good idea, it’s way WAY past time for women to stand up and say ‘Enough!’ Our Grandmothers and Great-Grandmothers must surely be turning over in their graves at this.

29 03 2012

I think there is a war on everyone, really, but the targets change and once conquered, this Establishment pushing for eradication of rights moves on to another group.

It is really interesting how women in Scandinavia are and how they are perceived. I just revisited there after five years and it is a fierce population with the law on their side (although date rape being prosecuted is a totally North American construction; a woman in a similar position in Denmark would be told to not waste the court’s time… or at least that was the case in 2005). Now the governments are working to get 50% corporate/CEO representation there for women and there is certainly no stigma whatsoever for a woman to work outside of the home. As a whole, for both men and women, there are not student debts to pay or huge daycare costs, so it is not likely or necessary for unhappy or inefficient couples to stay together.

6 04 2012

It’s interesting that so many women I know are talking about this and on the same page…and yet it seems that things aren’t getting better, they’re getting worse. I’d say it was “backlash” but even if it is, stepping back is no way to fix the problem (I think that’s what the women who are pushing bills like the one in Arizona THINK they are doing…but I really feel that in this case, if we give an inch, the mile will be gone before we realize what happened 😦 )

Like you, I have Facebook friends of all kinds, and I do try to respect their different opinions, but it can be challenging at times, when something they believe in goes so contrary to my personal values. When that happens, like you, I cannot remain silent. I try to not offend or be unkind, but… I cannot be silent.

And neither should you. You should speak; you should speak loud and clear, and you should be heard.

11 04 2012
Julia Indigo

Thank you for your thoughtful reply, Eden… and sorry for my tardy response!
I try to not be abrasive, but when someone pings me, it’s really hard! On Easter I actually had a guy say that Clinton was a philanderer because Hillary didn’t keep to her place in their marriage. I about blew a gasket, and in retrospect, I should’ve just gone to the kitchen and downed the dregs of the bottle of wine. Some people aren’t worth the effort, you know?

11 04 2012

No, they are not. And sadly, you would never have been able to convince that man of the truth… that 1) Clinton was just that kind of guy and 2) Hillary knew all about it and had a working partnership with her husband that only the media circus made her need to “react” to it. (I’m of the impression that there are many ways people can be “married” and show love for each other and that sexual fidelity is desirable by many, it isn’t a requirement for a loving relationship. In the Clinton marriage, they both clearly respect each as fellow thinkers, possibly intimates, likely because of shared passions… )

Of course, I’m probably reading too much into this. But basically, it wasn’t that man’s right to judge either of their actions to each other. That guy is not and was not a part of their relationship.

(oo…. bleh! getting ranty myself here.

14 04 2012
Julia Indigo

The thing that rang my bell was that the guy made Hillary’s behavior the cause of Bill’s infidelity. After that I should have realized that it was idiotic to waste my breath on him. :\

Don’t apologize for getting ranty! I ❤ a good rant!

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