Row80, once again

6 04 2012

If there’s anything that I learned last time, it was that life was going to intervene, and I wouldn’t finish Round One. I discovered that I had sleep apnea, and dealing with that reality continues to occupy a good amount of my psychic energy. There are going to be more changes in that arena, I’m sure… and I’ll deal with them as they come.

But I’m inspired, seeing all my peeps (and tweeps) lining up for Round two, so I decided to give this another go. My goals fall into a couple of categories: building better life habits, creativity, and social media.

Better life habits:

  1. Housekeeping: Become anal retentive about turning off lights and shutting cabinet doors. Make sure that the kitchen sink is clean and shining every night before bed. Make up the bed every morning (yeah, I’m messy!)
  2. Walk at least 150 minutes/week. That’s 30 minutes/5x/week.
  3. Spend less than 30 minutes/day on Facebook – use a timer. Get out in nature more!
  4. Limit iPhone games to 20 min/day. Use the timer!
  1. Finish plotting out my first draft, and finish it, if possible.
  2. Spend time every day with the How To Think Sideways course.
  3. Practice the flute at least 15 minutes/day (after all, it is my main job!)
  4. Finish the scarf I’m knitting, and start my mask-making project.

Social Media:

  1. Write one new non-row80 blogpost/week.
  2. Check in to Row80 on Sunday (this post, on a Friday, will count for Sunday, as I’ll be celebrating the holiday)
  3. Be on twitter 4 days/week
  4. Get together with local writer tweeps at least once/month.

I’m cutting back on social media, because I don’t see it as practical for me right now. It’s eating into my writing and studying time, and my Facebook time is mostly sharing photos with friends – not the best use of my time, even if it does bond us together. I think that this list is do-able for where I am in my life at this time.

Thanks for reading!



8 responses

6 04 2012
Keera Ann Fox

I love how you keep moving forward with your writing and all what surrounds it! Your list reminds me of something I just heard:

The author Tony Schwartz wrote his book “The Way We’re Working Isn’t Working” by utilizing ultradian rhythms. He wrote in three 90 minute bursts daily with 30 minute breaks (breakfast, taking a walk, lunch) in between. I make this suggestion because I know it’s hard to limit certain behaviors (and we do need to check e-mail) or increase necessary ones (like walking or flute practice). Why not incorporate them into a valid and necessary 30 minute break?

6 04 2012
Julia Indigo

Hi Keera! Great to see you here. I can’t imagine writing for 4.5 hours/day! I would be so done. Eventually, but not now. Of course, I’m still in the process of figuring out how to live with this (condition) and this (new fangled way of life, i.e. writing).
Speaking of which, it’s 9:30pm and I’m going to turn this thing off and go to bed. I’m exhausted. :\

7 04 2012

Hi Julia, I just saw that flute is your main job. I play the flute, too, and was thinking of adding practicing to my ROW80 goals, especially since I have a gig next weekend. Are you mainly a performer, or a teacher? I do a little teaching, but it’s not my main day job. Nice to meet you.

11 04 2012
Julia Indigo

Hi Ann, thanks for the response! Good to meet you, too.
I’m mainly a performer, as I don’t like to teach… though the money is so good! (private lessons, that is).

7 04 2012

Oh, I hear you, Julie, when it comes to Social Media.eating time… I fight with it every day. And oddly, I’m usually only on it to post interesting links lately. Oh, and Twitter for the#Row80 #wordsprints (we do them at 2pm EST, very supportive, and mostly focused).

Your goals are wonderful. I hope to be reading a lot of happy check-ins during your journey. Did you add this post to the linky?

11 04 2012
Julia Indigo

I think I added it to the linky… And I will the next one, for sure.

7 04 2012
Karen McFarland

Oh boy do I hear ya Julia! Great goals and great to see you!

I too have been reassessing my goals. And I am also cutting back on social media this round. I want to support others, but I need to be more focused on my writing and life.

I hope that you’re feeling better. 🙂

11 04 2012
Julia Indigo

Hi Karen!
I think that it’s too easy to go overboard on the social media thing… and sometimes, (whispers) I think that the whole WANA-thing is overblown.

:::looks around:::

Did I say that?

Gotta have a product!

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