An Eastern Perspective on Goals

5 06 2012

By Julia Indigo/@juliaindigo

Remember that when you are unhappy it is generally because you do not visualize strongly enough the great things that you definitely want to accomplish in life, nor do you employ steadfastly enough your will power, your creative ability, and your patience until your dreams are materialized.

Several years ago (more like ten, I think!) I read Sri Paramahansa Yogananda‘s Autobiography of a Yogi. The man’s story blew me away, and I had to have more of his wisdom. At this time in my life I do not follow him, but I thought enough of the above quote to print it up and keep it in my flute case ever since.

I know that when I first encountered The Secret and the Law of Attraction I thought that the concept of ‘as you think, so will your life become’ was a new thing. Then I read Sri Yogananda, and sure enough, it comes straight out of Hinduism, with some extra added New Age/Quantum Mechanical froth.

One of my strong suits is visualization. It helps me get into my characters as I write. But willpower? Patience? I think that Sri Yogananda is making a great point. Speaking as an American, it seems that we are even less patient than we were back when he lived among us, over fifty years ago. I’m sure he would be pulling his (incredibly lush and long) hair out, when confronted with 21st century people like yours truly.

You can find more of the Wisdom of Sri Yogananda here.



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