June 10 Row80 update

10 06 2012

It’s Sunday again, already. Last week was insane, with three days of symphony auditions (I was on the judging side of the screen), most of one day spent hanging out with a close friend, a 100-mile roundtrip to meet Irene Preston (Sally Driscoll was there, too), and yesterday I was so tired that I was wondering if my sleep apnea was acting up again. Today I’m back to normal, so I guess that wasn’t it.

I can’t find my list of row80 goals. Perhaps being better organized should be on the list for round 3! (Starting July 2, oh my!)

The house looks like a bomb hit it. In my defense, I spent much of last week exhausted, shell-shocked, battle-weary. The symphony season ended on a high note, and now a vast expanse of four months with no symphony work stretches before me. Said four-month period will also be hellishly hot (90-105F/32-40C), severely limiting outdoor activities. Thank heavens for iced tea with mint! I’m grateful for this free (read: unpaid) time to work on the book and my other business… and it’s also enough time for me to (hopefully) establish the life habits that fell by the wayside in the last two weeks.

Okay, enough with the excuses. Better life habits were down the drain for me, but that will change, immediately.

Creativity abounds. No, really! 5532 words. I started working on my synopsis of His Original Sin. I ended up Macro Editing as I wrote my synopsis (a term I hadn’t heard until I read this blogpost by Jody Hedlund), which was big fun. Here’s Jody on macro editing (my bolding):

I like to refer to the macro edit stage as rewriting. I think the term sufficiently sums up the entire process, which involves analyzing the big picture elements of our stories and rewriting, adding, or deleting major parts in order to make the story more appealing to readers.

It’s that adding/deleting/rearranging that I was doing. The rewriting is coming next, after I finish writing all the scenes. Oy. It seems that I had some kind of row80 goal that the first draft be finished this round. Three more weeks? I think I can do it.

I’ve also added a page to this website, a preliminary blurb about my WIP, His Original Sin. It’s linked above – let me know what you think of it, if you wish. I’d like to add a pic or two to the page, but since I haven’t even begun to think about the cover art, it will have to wait.



6 responses

11 06 2012
Karen McFarland

Hi Julia! Look at you with 5532 words girl! That’s fantastic! Although I’m sorry to hear that you weren’t feeling well last week. I know the feeling. I hope you have a better week. And keep up that writing! Take care! 🙂

11 06 2012
Julia Indigo

Thanks, Karen! When I added it all up I was astounded that I’d written so much during such a stressful and busy week.
I’m better today, though I didn’t sleep well last night. Here’s hoping tonight is better!

12 06 2012

Read the synopsis and thought “Cool!” And so glad your word count has been glowing… means it will get here sooner. Good for you!

So, now you need to take you keyboard and that iced tea with mint (YUM!) and find a nice air conditioned library or cafe to occupy during those sweltering hours. You’ll be making waves in no time… =)

Don’t worry about the “excuses”, see them as points to consider when you are planning for the next ROWnd.

13 06 2012
Julia Indigo

Wow, thanks, Eden!
As you will see on Friday, I’ve a bit of a sidetrack going on right now. Word count is plummeting. lol
Yes, I’m going to be going to cafe route soon enough. Oy, if only it would rain!

15 06 2012

I’d send you some of our rain, but after the very, very dry winter we had here, we need some to fill up the aquifers before we start sending it off (Just kidding). Really has been a hard year, hasn’t it…

Hope the cafe route works for you. I love going to cafes, but they don’t always work well for me. Lunch rushes can get so hectic; the drone of voices, kitchenware and buzzers…Though hours when people come and linger and talk afterward however are divine!

15 06 2012
Julia Indigo

I agree on the pros and cons of cafes. If I’m really into it/inspired, then the noise doesn’t bother me. But otherwise it can be challenging.

Yeah, we just went through all the drought stuff last summer, complete with national headline wildfires. It was as though the whole state was on fire.

We’ve had some good rain this year, but if we don’t get more, it will result in even more dry brush to burn in August. :\

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