The End is in Sight

21 06 2012

By Julia Indigo/@juliaindigo

The end is in sight, and no, not the end of my first draft! The end of the Sharp Left Turn that I mentioned the other day. I leave for the audition on Saturday, whether or not I’m ready. The tickets are bought, the friends who live there are contacted, the place I’m staying is booked, and my audition time is set.

Did you see that, above? The phrase ‘whether or not I’m ready’?

It remains to be seen whether or not one is ever ready for a symphony orchestra audition. My preparation is continuing, and will up until I walk out on stage, just me and my piccolo, thankfully behind a screen. Yes, symphony orchestra auditions are blind, usually until the final round.

Today I’m afraid to hope. I’d love the gig, I’d love the change of scenery, I’d love to leave Texas, even if the other place is equally Right Wing. I’ll survive. After all, I’ve survived here all this time!

The interesting thing is that when I try to think about the future after not winning, of returning here to stay, I come up blank. It’s as though my subconscious simply can’t fathom that. I find that curious. Hopeful, and curious.



7 responses

21 06 2012

Chase your dreams, and you’ll never lose. You just keep learning, and moving closer.

21 06 2012
Julia Indigo

Thank you, Daniel. That’s what I intend to do!

21 06 2012
Lorinda J. Taylor

Again, I wish you all the best of luck! Can’t wait to find out what happens! And I can’t blame you for wanting to leave Texas! I lived there quite a few years of my life, partly in Austin. I liked that city quite well actually, (university towns are usually interesting), but less so some of the other places.

22 06 2012
Julia Indigo

Austin is nice, if a bit full of itself for me (I was born there). San Antonio is laid-back and the cultural mix is heavenly. However… there’s the heat. OMG.

21 06 2012
Ginny Bales

Pulling for you!

22 06 2012
Julia Indigo

Thanks, Ginny! It’ll be over before I know it. 😀

22 06 2012
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