Row80, Round 3

2 07 2012

By Julia Indigo/@juliaindigo

Round Three starts today, woohoo! What is the end date? Because I have a hellacious amount of stuff that I need to do!

My goals fall into four categories:


Completely redo my business website, including adding a wordpress blog. Oy. This is a big one!



Finish HIS ORIGINAL SIN, and get it to beta readers by the end of August.

Restart work on my second WIP, last year’s Nanowrimo novel.

Get started on my Halloween costume.


Daily life:

Finish losing that twenty pounds.

Practice every day.

Continue my Better Life Habits™ from last round (exercising, house cleaning, dog grooming).



(Yep, that’s my girl!)

Platform building:

Continue blogging three times a week: Row80 update on Sunday, Tuesday Quotes on Tuesday (Duh!), third blogpost later in the week.

Be on twitter, and comment on at least one blog every day.


This includes platform building for my business. Oh. My. I think I needed to get started five years ago!



6 responses

2 07 2012
Dahnya Och

Good luck to you in hitting those goals! I have an (unofficial) goal to work on fixing up my blog as well… but it’s so far on the back burner it might as well not even be on the stove at this point.

Welcome to Round 3!

2 07 2012
Julia Indigo

Thanks, Dahnya!
And I was just thinking of two more projects that I’d like to start. I think I have project ADHD. :X

2 07 2012
Dahnya Och

Hahaha – I always have project ADHD. It doesn’t matter if it’s the beginning of a round or the middle. It makes my brain sad… and drives my hubby up a wall.

Oh well. He needs a little more excitement!

2 07 2012
Julia Indigo

It’s just me and the dog. All she knows is that it’s not a walk. 😉

2 07 2012
Julie Glover

Wow, really? Halloween costume? You must have some killer ideas and wicked skills! Great list of goals. Best wishes getting them all done. I’ll be here to cheer you on!

2 07 2012
Julia Indigo

Killer ideas, yes. Wicked skillz, lol. We’ll see. I’m venturing into the unknown!

Thanks, Julie. 😉 I’ll be cheering you on, as well!

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