The Affordable Care Act: an Act of Mercy

4 07 2012

By Julia Indigo/@juliaindigo

I’m reblogging “A Livelong Burden and the Policy that Made It Easier To Bear”, written by Diana at It’s her story of multigenerational disabling congenital illness, how the health care industry made her young life a nightmare, and how the recent Supreme Court decision on the ACA insures that the burdens her family dealt with then, and are dealing with now, won’t happen again. Incidentally, she’s a great writer, and tells her tale with passion.

Our President, signing the ACA on March 23, 2010.

Go. Read. Be grateful. Comment. Learn!



2 responses

7 07 2012
Matthew Wright

Thanks for sharing that story. Wow. These are issues we don’t have in New Zealand – luckily – where there has been universal state-funded health care for all, more or less, since 1938. It didn’t happen easily – there was a lot of opposition, including from the UK where loans had to be raised to help fund it, but the Prime Minister who brought it and a lot of other welfare systems in, that year, summed up their policy in two words. ‘Applied Christianity’. What more need be said?

8 07 2012
Julia Indigo

Applied Christianity, indeed!

The US prides itself in being the most Christian nation, yet there is damned little understanding that an orchestra (or nation) is only as strong as it’s weakest musician (citizen). I find the shite on Fox News completely appalling. Just last night my parents were watching Huckabee’s program (he, who is supposedly a MINISTER), and it was non-stop “OMG, Obamacare is gonna take away your doctor!11!!!”


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