Awesome New Book by Matthew Wright

8 07 2012

By Julia Indigo/@juliaindigo

My good friend Matthew Wright’s a new book: Convicts: New Zealand’s Hidden Criminal Past is now available!

I was not surprised to learn that NZ’s first Europeans were mostly (as the Kiwi say) ‘scuzzy’. Why should they have been different than the settlers of other far-flung places? If I recall correctly, going overseas to settle in ‘the colonies’ was a common thing for the criminal class in the past.

New Zealand is my Holy Grail of places to visit. I was close (Sydney) just this past year, but didn’t have the funds for the 2+ hour hop across the Tasman Sea to NZ. I love Matthew’s blog for many reasons – he’s a great writer, and his posts are varied and interesting… and lots of them are about New Zealand! Win!

Not to mention, he’s just a nice guy.



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12 07 2012
Matthew Wright

Thank you for your kind words! The weird thing is that a fair number of Kiwis don’t know about this particular part of their past – I was on radio the other day about it and the interviewer ended up recommending people get the book to hunt for names of their ancestors!

12 07 2012
Julia Indigo

Sounds good to me! I guess if it’s not covered in history courses in school, then it obvi didn’t happen. (LOL)

30 07 2012

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