Julia Indigo (@juliaindigo) was a mild-mannered classical musician (well, perhaps not so mild-mannered, but it makes a better story), until the wee hours of the morning of February 19th, 2011, when the succubus that is Steven woke her with a lick and a promise. Actually, no promise, just a lick, followed by a kiss that would have brought her to her knees if she hadn’t been lying down already, and further unmentionable seductions.

Just when things were getting really interesting, if you know what I mean and I’m sure that you do, he began to dissolve, with one last ringing command: Write. My. Story. NOW!

Breathing hard, Julia tried to make some sense of what had just happened, to no avail, “What was that thing, and why does it think that I’m a writer?” Hours of confusion followed, and as there was no more sleep to be had, she rose at seven a.m., took a much-needed shower, found a glass of o.j. and her laptop, and began to write. Several cups of coffee later, a writer was born.

Drawing on her history as a classical musician, energy healer, acupuncturist, sometime-astrologer and tarot reader, Julia writes with white-hot intensity, at least until she can’t any longer. Then she pretends that her life is as it has always been, unchained from the computer, going to work, grabbing her double-tall-half-caf-latte at Starbucks in the interim, and pretending that all this didn’t happen. Until, of course, she has to write again. Lather/rinse/repeat.

Having lived in Texas all her life, Julia is that rarest of birds: an actual gol-darned Native Austinite; but one who wishes to be a Sydney Sider, longing for the beach at Coogee.

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17 02 2012
Morgan Dragonwillow

Love this description, what type of astrology do you do? I dabble in Shamanic astrology that is how I started working with the shadow planets and shadow periods of a person’s (especially my own) chart.

Classical musician, what do you play?

Tarot reader… have you used any of your cards for inspiration in your writing? I love choosing a card then writing about it, not interpretative stuff, just the story that pops from the card.

I love your humor in your description.

Peace and Healing,

19 02 2012
Julia Indigo

Thanks, Morgan!
As far as astrology, I’ve looked into traditional western, classical western, and vedic. For a while there I thought that I would be an astrologer, but I have a hard time creating the story from the chart. I do look at my own transits and returns, and have been known to buy the interps they have for sale at cafeastrology.com.
I don’t know the first thing about shadow planets – I’d love it if you could look at mine! If you’d be interested, DM me on twitter. I’ll send you my email from there.
I’m a flutist and piccolo player, a job I’ve held for 30+ years. It can be wonderful, it can be horrible. It also pays the bills.

Ahhh, the tarot. I haven’t used them for inspiration, though I’ve read what Rachel Pollack has written about that. It would be interesting to do the exercise you mention, perhaps I’ll try that sometime. I got into tarot in 1996-7 or so, and find that I can’t read them! I’ve collected many many decks, and sold on most of them. I have a feeling we could have a fun conversation about that? Are you on Aeclectic Tarot? I’m there, but rarely: SolSionnach.

I’m glad you found my bio amusing – I’m a WANAbee, and when Kristen Lamb talked about making one’s bio humorous, I went with it. It was fun to write, and expresses my personality quite well.
Peace to you, sister!

9 05 2012
Lorinda J. Taylor

I was also wondering what instrument you played, so I came back to your bio to see if I had missed anything and there it was! Flute! I was interested because one of my characters in v.2 of The Termite Queen is a flutist! Afraid I’m not into astrology – have too much of a skeptical bent – but I’ve always thought tarot would be interesting to play around with.

9 05 2012
Julia Indigo

It’s like I say, Lorinda… literally everyone knows someone who is or was a flutist! Neat-o that your character is a flutist, too!
Astrology is much more than what you get in the newspaper, for what it’s worth. Tarot can be quantum with what cards come up, but in both instances, it’s the ability to interpret the symbols that makes the reader. Me? Not so much, but I enjoy fooling around with both. 🙂

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