His Original Sin

HIS ORIGINAL SIN is a 85,000 word contemporary fiction work in progress, set in Los Angeles, CA and San Antonio, TX, spanning the years 1962 – 2016.

Thirty-two year old Steven Canelli has it all. The brilliant scientist and beloved UCLA Professor of Anthropology married well and is at the height of his powers. But Professor Canelli harbors a dark secret, a sexual compulsion that he keeps from all but his closest associates. He medicates the constant stress of his double life with nicotine and alcohol, until his extracurricular activities strain his life to the breaking point.

As the youngest ‘child’ of Antonio Canelli, the fabulously wealthy founder of Canelli Italian Foods, Inc., he is the product of his mother’s torrid love affair with a visiting Scandinavian poet, and his father has never let Steven, nor his mother, forget it.

The murder of his best friend during a night of carousing is a warning shot across the bow. Will Steven learn to manage his addictions, and find redemption for the Original Sin of being born?

7 responses

9 06 2012

Sounds great – keep writing – I can’t wait to read it!

9 06 2012
Julia Indigo

Thanks, Irene! I’ll be getting back to it this afternoon.

15 06 2012
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2 07 2012
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