I cannot remain silent

19 03 2012

By Julia Indigo/@juliaindigo

I know that the recommendation is to avoid politics and religion on a writer’s FB page or blog, but I simply cannot be silent while overweight, pasty, fundamentalist white men demonize my sisters. I’m sorry for any of my friends or readers who find reading my political postings showing up on their RSS news feed distasteful. I cannot sit idly by while my sisters are oppressed by our patriarchal system.

Women who are younger than I cannot imagine the strides that women have made in the past 100 years here in the US. Whatever your political persuasion, you can now own property, have money in your own name, VOTE, live as a single, defend yourself when your husband turns violent, get a divorce, any number of things that our Great-Grandmothers COULD NOT DO. When I say that you couldn’t hold any property, that included parcel, livestock or homestead. You couldn’t defend yourself in court, couldn’t open a line of credit at the sundry store, couldn’t travel without either a chaperone, or a letter of permit from your guaridian, even if you were a woman in your twenties.

All that can be taken away in an instant – with the signature of a Governor’s pen – and let it be known that there are other countries (mostly in Northern Europe) where women’s lives are significantly better than ours are today, in 2012.

We can no longer wait for others to take up the banner in our defense. In memory of our Grandmothers and Great-Grandmothers, do not let their sacrifices be in vain. Don’t delude yourselves – these men will not stop. Don’t think going back to the 50s, they won’t stop at that. Think 1890. And when you think, remember. Do you have, or intend to have children? Will you have a daughter? What kind of country do you want to leave for her?

Yes, I am mad as hell. You can read one woman’s experience of the new degrading Texas law requiring pre-abortion ultrasounds here. If you are a Texan, know that there will be a march on the state capitol on April 28, 2012. I’d love to meet you there. More info here.

 Feel free to share, re-write, with or without attribution. Diana Castilleja contributed to this post.

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